Exporting Services - VAT Implications

15th December 2020

Where: TBA
When:   TBA
Time:    TBA
Cost:    £175 plus VAT per delegate

Course Content

Basic VAT rules

  • What are services in the VAT Context
  • Supplies into the EU
  • Overview of VAT across Members states: Rates and Rules
  • Place of supply rules
    • B2B
    • B2C
  • Nature of Different Services – e.g. Land related
  • Electronically Supplied Services
  • HMRC’s “Simplification” measure
                 -Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS)
  • Statistical Reporting & European Sales Lists
  • Supplies outside the EU
  • Reclaim of non UK VAT

Target group
This course is for finance staff in businesses supplying services looking to develop trade into overseas markets who would benefit from a solid introduction to the VAT implications of exporting services out of the UK.

Course Aims

  • To provide an understanding of the UK VAT rules as they impact on exporting supplies to client based overseas, services performed overseas or services delivered electronically.
  • To give insight into more complex areas of VAT legislation so that potential issues can be identified at an early stage.

The round table discussion format encourages participants to share common practical concerns and experiences.

Please note that there is a maximum of 14 places for the course.

A Certificate of Attendance is available for training records/CPD purposes.

To register your interest in this course please contact merle.bethell@centurionvat.com or 01633 415390

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