19th October 2010

Western Mail: Taxing times ahead if Scots vote to go alone

Grants & Contracts – Groundworks Trust case

There have been a few cases in the last quarter which I felt were worth sharing with those of you in the charity and, indeed, lo...

Retail Distribution Review (RDR) – VAT Impact for Independent Financial Advisers

Commentary on the VAT issues arising from the RDR first started to appear in the press back in August 2010 when HMRC and the Ass...

VAT Treatment of Research

HMRC has announced the withdrawal of the VAT exemption for business supplies of research between ‘eligible bodies’ because they ...

Cost Sharing Exemption

The legislation on this important measure was passed in July and HMRC has issued their guidance.

Budget 2012 “Addressing borderline anomalies”

Following the announcements in the 2012 Budget, a number of VAT changes come into effect on 1 October 2012.

Education and Merges: Western Mail Article June 2012

University merger could cost taxpayers millions in VAT.

Grants vs Contracts: The VAT Dimension continues

A changing VAT environment seems like it will continue to create issues affecting VAT registration for currently non registered ...

2012 Budget

Representing Charities on Tax

Green Paper on the Future of VAT

Green Paper issued by the European Commission on 1 December 2010 launching a wide public consultation on how the EU's VAT system...

Vat Rate Rising to 20% on 4 January 2010

The standard VAT rate of 17.5% will increase to 20% on 4 January 2011.

VAT: Cross-border VAT changes 2010

The changes to the Cross-border VAT rules were announced in the 2009 Budget.

The need to take 'reasonable care' to avoid penalties for errors on returns, payments and paperwork

HMRC can charge penalties if there are errors on returns or other documents

EC Sales Lists are now required for taxable services in another EC country and the timescale for submission has been shortened

This will affect you if your business supplies goods and/or services to business customers in other EU countries where the place...

VAT payments by cheque - important changes with effect from 1 April 2010

Supplies of education made by university subsidiaries

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