Our people are our strength. Made up of VAT experts, we offer our clients over 145 years collective experience in the field of VAT, including expertise drawn from many years with the ‘big four’, as well as in industry and HM Revenue & Customs.

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Liz Maher


Following her time at HM Customs and Excise, Liz Maher worked for Ernst and Young, becoming its first ever female corporate VAT services director in the UK.

Aside from her reputation for delivering practical VAT support to a diverse range of clients, Liz excels in delivering VAT bespoke training for clients both in the UK and internationally as well as through Centurion’s own VAT Training program. Liz is a regular VAT speaker at events for professional bodies such as the AAT, ICAEW, ACCA and CIMA.

In addition Centurion also provide VAT training through the auspices of the Business Wales programme.

Through her roles with the South Wales Chamber of Commerce (Cardiff Capital City Region Council, Deputy Chair); the CBI Wales (Wales Council Member) and the charity Young Enterprise, Liz strives to raise the profile of women in business and to encourage enterprise in the community.

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Louise Gray


Louise leads our VAT offering to support all types of Educational providers; universities, colleges and commercial training businesses.

With her many years of VAT experience in the Education Sector, Louise ensures that whether the question is partial exemption, income liability, international services or construction related, any VAT problem is promptly resolved with calm diligence.

A particular area of expertise is available to clients engaged in the public sector on the VAT issues impacting on the transfer out of Leisure and Cultural services from authorities to trust bodies, as Louise is recognised by the sector as a specialist in this area.

Louise also leads our VAT support service from our Bristol office and supports accountants, lawyers and other professional intermediaries in need of access to expert independent VAT advice.

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Andrea Brindley


Andrea through her role in industry (Andrea was for 12 years the indirect tax manager for Corus, now Tata Steel, covering UK and European operations) has developed invaluable, practical VAT experience and an indepth knowledge of the VAT complexities in relation to international trade and the movement of goods.

As well as bringing that VAT technical knowledge to the assistance of our growing corporate client base in the manufacturing sector Andrea is also able to tackle the very practical issues which arise during the implimentation of high level VAT compliance management within large corporate bodies.

Negotiating practical settlements with HMRC is an increasing area of specialism required when VAT issues arise and Andrea's approach to such discussions has proved a valuable asset to clients who have found themselves in difficult financial situations with HMRC recently.

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Julie Rawlinson-Smith

julie-rawlinson-smith.jpgJulie specialises in public, charity and not for profit sectors including NHS organisations, registered social landlords as well as supporting clients across our growing South West of England portfolio.

Our many Housing Association clients benefit from her knowledge on issues as diverse as solar energy projects to partial exemption methodologies.

Julie's knowledge of the sectors can also prove invaluable for corporate businesses looking to position their supplies of goods or services into these sectors.  That is particularly true of Life Sciences businesses developing products for the NHS market place or construction firms looking to collaborate on building projects with Charities or Housing Associations.

It was a return to a familiar team when Julie joined Centurion in 2011 as she had previously worked with both Liz and Louise in their past careers in Ernst & Young, which reinforces Centurion's reputation for being a friendly and approachable VAT expert team.


Andrew Norris

Andrew Norris

Andrew reflects the skillset so important to the ethos of the Centurion VAT Team - Practical experience from the revenue side as well as many years of delivering excellent professional VAT services in the major international firms.

A key issue Andrew is dealing with for corporate clients currently is the retention of Export evidence as this is a recurring area of challenge from the revenue.  The impact of the VAT changes on Digital Services Providers in 2015 is also an area of expertise that Andrew supports our clients with.

Centurion’s reputation for delivering fast, friendly, efficient, expert VAT support has led to a growth in its client base across the UK, into Europe and North America. Andrew’s experience in supporting international corporate clients whether in manufacturing, automotive, chemical or technology areas is enhancing the team’s ability to provide larger businesses with access to independent and expert VAT advice.

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Alan Maher


Alan, having established Centurion VAT in 1998, retired as a Director in 2014 but retains close links through his role as a consultant to the Centurion team.

Having for many years providing VAT support to the Education Sector, working along side Universities and Colleges of Further Education on all areas of VAT, Alan's knowledge of the practical application of VAT is well known and respected by clients and colleagues alike.

It is a testament to his work in founding Centurion and supporting it through its 17 years that Centurion was awarded the Taxation Award in 2013 for the Best VAT Team in the UK. 


Merle Bethell

Merle-BethellMerle joined us in 2013 as our Marketing and Business Development Manager.

A graduate from the University of South Wales with a BA (Hons) degree in Business and Marketing, part of her role is to manage the logistics of our training program to ensure it runs like clockwork for delegates as well as the technical VAT training team – which she achieves with quiet efficiency.

Having achieved her CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing Merle is keen in building her business development skills to support Centurion's desire to ensure that when potential clients across the UK, Europe and beyond are looking for expert, independent VAT support they are aware of Centurion and its award winning reputation for VAT service delivery.


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